How to Water a Plant
in a Container

You canít go wrong in watering if you follow this plan very conscientiously:

1. Add water slowly to the pot so that it soaks into the soil

2. Keep doing this until all the soil is moist and a little water comes out at the bottom

3. Leave the plant alone until you can tell the soil is a little dry when you stick your finger an inch or so into it

4. Repeat #1

Notes: When you are watching for the water to come out of the bottom of the pot to show that all the soil is moist, be sure that it is not running down a space between the soil and the pot. If so, water a little, then wait for the soil to swell back to fill the pot.

After repotting make sure that both the old soil and the new are evenly moist.

Throw away the calendar. The frequency will vary with conditions and will change as the plant grows.

Don't be too concerned about how much or how little is needed. The amount will change with time.

When in doubt, don't !

To learn why watering so that the soil dries between applications is important, please read From the Ground Up 3