Breaking Ground

by Derek Burch


Vanity, vanity

All is vanity... Why another website, another magazine? I suppose the answer is that it is mine.















Vanity publishing has always been the refuge of the off-beat and the committed, and I must admit to being guilty as charged on both counts. Not necessarily with having anything unique to offer, but certainly with having a load of experience to share.

It may even be that, as uninterested in organized religion as I am, there is an element of tithing in this: trying to give back some of the riches that gardening has given me.

What can you expect from the magazine? It is hard to say except that there is a person behind it, and that means that interests and prejudices are there. I realize that I am getting too old to wait much longer to let some of those out. Don' t say that you weren't warned about that.

There will be a lot of material about specific plants and how they grow, some travel and news, and pointers to what print and on-line magazines currently are covering that is of particular interest. I have to read a great many publications each month, and can perhaps point out things that you really busy people may have missed.

There will be book reviews from time to time, and access to the generally discounted prices that has to offer, as well as a few "specials" of my own. The rest? Some editorialising, and whatever else comes to the top of the pile.

So, let's see how it goes!


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