Breaking Ground

Biting off and chewing: too much is never enough

I realize as I start this second editorial that my wish to include material both for the amateur gardener and for the professional is likely to complicate enormously putting together a cohesive magazine.

The one advantage of the Internet as my canvas on which to dabble, is that space is almost unlimited, and costs very little to use. If I have an article that will attract a home gardener, a professional is free not to click to open it, and vice versa, and I don't risk "wasting" pages of a print publication that make it not worth the purchase price to one or other group.

Of course, my hope is that the professionals will want to learn the things that the gardeners (their customers) find to be of interest. And that the gardeners, in their turn, will see some of the difficulties that the professionals face and overcome, and perhaps value their plants even more knowing what it has taken to produce them.

So this is the wish that fuels this enterprise. The itch, my concern that many nursery professionals lose touch with the ultimate consumer, and that the homeowner has no understanding of how the milk got into the carton or the steak appeared on the plate in a manner of speaking, is one that I can't bear not to scratch. I will try, however, to do this in a tasteful manner!

I don't think it is necessary to divide the magazine in two, or to code the articles to indicate what sort of grower is being addressed. Simply opening the article will be enough to show if it is worth reading. But, of course, like any editor, I should welcome suggestions or reactions to any part of the content, and will try to respond apprpriately. Various parts of the site are littered with invitations to contact us, but let me add one more invitation here:
At your service in any way that I can manage.

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