Issue 3

A Magazine for our Gardening Times

Editor: Derek Burch

Breaking Ground

The pitfalls of teaching by example.


de 2002
A spectacle in the making for next year. It's time to start thinking about how and when to get to the show.


Nursery Culture
Spacing of young trees profoundly affects their whole development

From the Ground Up

The very basics of how plants grow.

#3. Watering. A. How it works
B. How to water a pot plant

Parks and Recreation
A system of planting larger trees and shrubs, unusual in Europe, give promise of major advantages.


The Best of the Rest

A look at print and on-line articles that should not have slipped by unnoticed:

  • Phenology - activities such as bud break of trees are often tightly controlled by accumulation of heat
  • High tunnels for plant protection
  • Soils for aquatic plants


There are major offenders against the natural world at work - are gardeners part of the problem?



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